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Date postedJanuary 15, 2013
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This app will auto farm your Farmville crops. Not sure if it still works. I haven’t played Farmville in years.

How to Use:

1. Gather coordinates.
You can gather coordinates by opening FarmVille and then AutoFarm. Hover over the plot you wish to farm. Once over the plot (don’t click anything), make sure focus is set to the AutoFarm application and press the enter key. You should see coordinates located in the ‘Coordinate List’.

2. Export Coordinates
Export is just a fancy word for ‘Save’. This is in case AutoFarm crashes. It probably won’t, but it is still Beta.

3. Press the ‘Start Farming!’ button
This should start cycling through your recently added coordinates.

– It is best to refresh the FarmVille page then Zoom Out to be able to view all plots. (Basically, always use FarmVille in the same location) Coordinates only keep working if nothing has changed (monitor resolution, farm location, etc). To use coordinates tomorrow, that you made today, always follow the same procedure.
– Import – Opens saved coordinate files.
– Work with smaller lists – You can save as many files as you want, so it is best to work with 2 or 3 small coordinate files, seeing as currently there is no pausing. This allows for unforseen events (such as “A cow wandered onto your proptery” type things) to not interfere with your AutoFarming.

Updated Features:
– Pressing the escape key will now cause AutoFarm to stop its current action. This can be done anytime during the farming process, and it will save you current location (until the program is shutdown.)
– Added ‘Go to Selected’ button – This will do one of the following actions:
If you have pressed the escape key, it will continue from where you left off.
You can place a number in the ‘Coordinate Index’ (textbox below current coordinates) – (the coordinate index starts at 0, example if you have 50 plot coordinates saved, there will be 0-49 to choose from) – it will jump to that location in the ‘Coordinate List’ and start farming from that point.
– Also, fixed some bugs in the code…