Remove ‘Delete Inhibit’ flag from Novell OES Volume directories/files

Simple task using the find and attrib commands from the OES linux system shell.

find /media/nss/VOLNAME -exec /sbin/attrib {} -c=di \;

That’s it. It can take a while depending on the structure, but it will return results in realtime.

How it works:

The linux find command will display the path names to the current directory (or in this case, the path specified)

It is then told to execute (-exec) the NSS attribute (attrib) command.

The clear (-c) command is followed with an equals (=) sign and the requested attributes to clear (in this case ‘di’ for delete inhibit)

Alternatively, you can set use the above command to set attributes by changing the -d= to -s=

Here are all the attributes:

all - All (used only for the Clear option)
aa - Attribute Archive
ar - Archive
cc - Cannot Compress
ci - Copy Inhibit
cm - Compressed
dc - Don't Compress
di - Delete Inhibit
ex - Execute
hi - Hidden
ic - Immediate Compression
ip - Immediate Purge
ln - Link
mi - Migrate Inhibit
ri - Rename Inhibit
ro - Read Only
sd - subdirectory
sh - Shareable
sy - System
tr - Transactional
vo - Volatile