SCP Options

SCP is great for transferring files between linux boxes.

Example commands:

Copies files from a remote server to the local machine:
scp /home/andrew/copy_me.txt

Copies files from local machine to a remote server:
scp /home/andrew/copy_me.txt

-p Preserves the modification and access times, as well as the permissions of the source-file in the destination-file
-q Do not display the progress bar
-r Recursive, so it copies the contents of the source-file (directory in this case) recursively
-v Verbose mode for viewing debugging messages
-P Specifies port used
-q Quiet mode: disables progress meter as well as warning and diagnostics messages.
-l Limits the used bandwidth, specified in Kbit/s
-C Compression enable
-c Change the enycrption cipher. (common values: 3des (default), blowfish, des)